One of the hot topics for parents is whether to send children to preschool. Heather Reister, Colonial Schools Director, shares her thoughts below. Parents often ask if their children really need to attend preschool. I hear concerns and questions of whether children actually benefit from preschool. My answer is a resounding YES. At Colonial Schools, […]

A homeless man was standing on the corner with a sign in his hands asking for help. In one of those proud parenting moments, Colonial parent Faye Meyer recalls her son’s immediate response: “Can we help?” The Meyer family returned to the house where they were vacationing, and they brainstormed ideas of how they could […]

Preparing for the first day of preschool is a big deal. From picking out the perfect outfit, to selecting a backpack, there are numerous details to consider. In addition to the practical preparation, Colonial Schools Director Heather Reister suggests parents prepare themselves, and their children, emotionally for the big day. “Whether the child is new […]

From child websites and apps to books and computer games, there is no shortage of resources to teach a child to read. Yet, parents often feel intimidated. They aren’t quite sure how to leap from teaching letter sounds to reading, and they fear they may teach a child incorrectly said veteran kindergarten teacher Ginger Powers […]

It is imperative that children learn to be comfortable, confident and safe in the water, said Michelle Buker, director of wellness at The Elements. “In swim lessons, they learn techniques to float, swim skills and to strengthen themselves to be effective swimmers.” Not only are swimming and water play great activities for children, she added, […]

Here are a few tips to help you and your child make a successful transition: Go shopping: Let your child pick out a new backpack, lunch box or outfit for their first big day. Giving your child a choice not only allows him or her to express a bit of personality, but the new items […]