Play + Purpose = Learning

At Colonial Schools, we play with a purpose – and that purpose is to learn. Our unique early childhood education program is built on the experience of our teachers and the care and attention they bring to their classrooms.

We are recognized for excellence by the state of Ohio’s Step Up To Quality Program, a voluntary quality rating system for early care and education programs.

We Offer:


Intergenerational Advantage

Located on the grounds of Westover Retirement Community, we are committed to increasing interaction between children and adults. Grand-friends and students share stories, make art projects, exercise, or bake cookies together – some even become pen pals! This cross-generational friendship is mutually beneficial – children develop a respect and understanding of older adults, and grand-friends are given the joy of a child’s company.


Goals of Intergenerational Programming:
  • To foster realistic experiences with active, healthy older adults to help children form authentic ideas about growing up and aging
  • To enable older adults to reflect upon their own childhood memories and share their interests.
  • To engage older adults in a volunteer program where they develop an increased sense of purpose, and thereby enhance their spiritual wellbeing.



Core Wellness

Every child is unique in the way that they grow and develop. The way that your child learns may be different than how his or her friends learn. CORE Wellness™ encompasses these different needs- we believe that fulfilling physical, social and spiritual needs is essential to the wellbeing of every person. At Colonial Schools, CORE Wellness is more than just a philosophy – it’s a way of life.

Whether your child is engaging with their grand-friends from the Colonial Communities, feeling a sense of achievement after dance class, or learning philanthropy by contributing to the giving wall – CORE Wellness is interwoven through every classroom and program at Colonial Schools.