Want to earn money toward your tuition? Just order SCRIP!

SCRIP is a term used for gift card purchasing. The school purchases gift cards at a discounted rate and sells them to parents, grandparents and friends at face value. The best part about the program is that the profit from every purchase you make is split 50/50. Half of the profit is used by the school as fundraising revenue and the other half goes directly toward your next months’ tuition!

Many parents partially paid tuition bills last year with their profits from the SCRIP program and earned money for the school at the same time. They recruited grandparents and neighbors to participate in the program and what a difference it made in their monthly budget! There are hundreds of merchants to choose from including your favorite restaurants, department, stores and service providers. From fast food to fine dining — travel to home repair, there is something for everyone (I keep a gas card on hand each month).

The key to the program is to order gift cards you will use on purchases you would be making with cash. For instance, if you typically spend $100 for groceries, buy a $100 SCRIP card. The gift cards are the exact same cards you would purchase at the store. There is no tax and the school pays for the shipping costs. You pay face value, nothing more. The cards can be used for shopping or as gifts. The amount of your profit depends on the percent of each purchase the merchant gives back. Some merchants give back a 2% return while others may give back as much as 20%!

To learn more or enroll in the program, go to www.shopwithscrip.com or contact the school office. Your participation is appreciated.