THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THE 2017 COLONIAL SCHOOLS CARNIVAL! To view our Circus Ring, Sideshow and Boardwalk level sponsors, please Click Here.  

You’re Invited! Join us with your family and friends on Sunday, May 7th from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at Berkeley Square: 100 Berkeley Drive | Hamilton, OH 45013 The annual carnival is the most fun day of the year! Enjoy games, pony rides, a petting zoo, prizes, and yummy carnival treats with the whole family. All are […]

How do you help a preschooler understand the importance of giving back and being thankful during the holidays? The holidays bring a great opportunity to not only focus on the things that make us thankful, but to also think about helping others. At 3, 4 and 5, it is difficult for a child to interpret […]

At Colonial Schools, we believe in learning through play. While games are fun for children, they also provide excellent learning opportunities. Our classrooms are equipped with games that are designed to help children learn basic skills such as colors, shapes, and matching. Teachers encourage play, and interact with children as they select games and activities […]

Everyone has received their school picture proofs via email from Dolce Vita Photography.  We hope you love the backgrounds and the quality of these photos! Just a reminder, you can only order by check or credit card using the order form we supplied you.  DO NOT order through the PASS site on the email you […]

Here at Colonial Schools, we believe that children develop both inside and outside of the classroom. That’s why we offer a variety of after school programs to help your child develop in fun and exciting ways. Our CORE Development classes are designed to enhance each child’s individual educational experience. While your child will certainly have […]

We are back in session at Colonial Schools! Our teachers were excited to welcome our 2016-2017 pre-school and pre-k classes. Check out some of our photos from the first day of school.  

One of the hot topics for parents is whether to send children to preschool. Heather Reister, Colonial Schools Director, shares her thoughts below. Parents often ask if their children really need to attend preschool. I hear concerns and questions of whether children actually benefit from preschool. My answer is a resounding YES. At Colonial Schools, […]

Did you know that your three-year-old can start two-day preschool classes THIS FALL? Of the countless benefits that preschool can provide your child, here are our top five. Preschool: Teaches valuable social skills like sharing and taking turns; Exposes children to core academics at an earlier age; Fosters trusting relationships with adults and with fellow […]

Ms. Potter’s passion for teaching children to read has inspired her career. After earning her Master of Arts in Education, she served as a reading intervention teacher at an elementary school for two years.  As she approached the end of her first year as a Colonial Schools preschool teacher, Ms. Potter recognized the opportunity to […]

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