At Colonial Schools, we believe in learning through play. While games are fun for children, they also provide excellent learning opportunities.

Our classrooms are equipped with games that are designed to help children learn basic skills such as colors, shapes, and matching. Teachers encourage play, and interact with children as they select games and activities that appeal to them. Games allow children to associate learning with positive memories and fun experiences.

For younger children just starting out in preschool, colors and shapes games provide opportunities to actively engage in learning. Games such as stacking blocks of the same color or fitting shapes into matching cutouts help children learn through fun and memorable experiences.

For older children, matching and sequencing games teach valuable skills such as logical thinking, friendly competition, and taking turns. Classic card matching games promote memory-building. Sequencing games allow children to logically think through the progression of events to complete an action. As they play games at school, children will also learn how to take turns and interact with their peers in a friendly manner.

One of the best parts about using games to teach skills is that they can be played at home too. A quick matching game with the family after dinner can help reinforce the skills learned at school that day, plus you’ll enjoy quality family time too.

No matter the type of game, students learn valuable skills and lessons while playing.

Experience the Colonial Schools difference. There are still spaces available for the 2016-2017 school year. Register your child today! 

Looking for the perfect family outing, complete with games, prizes, and a way to benefit your community?

Check out Alive After 5 on Thursday, November 3 from 5:00-9:00pm. Join Colonial Schools at the Miami University Hamilton Downtown location for fun, games, and prizes! Teach your kids to give back by contributing non-perishable food items to the canned food drive benefitting The Open Door Food Pantry.

Click here for more information on Alive After 5.


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