Here at Cpicture1olonial Schools, we believe that children develop both inside and outside of the classroom. That’s why we offer a variety of after school programs to help your child develop in fun and exciting ways. Our CORE Development classes are designed to enhance each child’s individual educational experience.

While your child will certainly have a great experience at Colonial Schools in the classroom, we believe their education is greatly enhanced by activities outside of the classroom through CORE Development classes. Children are able to try out new activities without a large time or cost commitment, and they are able to socialize with their classmates outside of the classroom setting.

“CORE Development classes offer your child the opportunity to explore different interests. Most classes are offered during the school day, so they are convenient for your child’s schedule,” said Colonial Schools Director Heather Reister.

CORE Development classes give children the opportunity to exercise, engage with others, learn new skills, and build a sense of pride and purpose. This year, we are excited to offer the following classes, each with a unique set of benefits:

Tumbling: this class is specifically designed for a new tumbler who is just beginning their tumbling career. Children will learn cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, bridges, and basic skills. Children will build flexibility, coordination, strength, and self-esteem.

Athletics Classes including taekwondo and soccer shots:

Taekwondo: Taekwondo is the perfect martial arts class for preschool children. It combines fitness and focus, strength, coordination, and self-discipline.

Soccer shots: Soccer is an excellent source of physical activity and development of healthy habits. Through activities and games, your child will be taught elements of teamwork, sharing, communication, and respect.

Piano: Piano lessons involve hands-on, intervallic piano method steeped in music theory that allows students to play songs from their very first lesson. Songs come to life through singing, counting, clapping, coloring pages, and games.

Swim: Swimming helps develop strong bones and muscles, flexibility, and coordination. Most importantly, swim lessons teach children a healthy respect for water at an early age. Classes are offered for beginners, intermediate, and advanced swimmers.

There is a CORE Development class to fit the interests of each student, whether they’re interested in athletics or music. By participating in CORE Development classes, students continue learning even when they leave the classroom.

Sign your child up today for Session 2 CORE Development Classes:

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