One of the hot topics for parents is whether to send children to preschool. Heather Reister, Colonial Schools Director, shares her thoughts below.

Parents often ask if their children really need to attend preschool. I hear concerns and questions of whether children actually benefit from preschool.

My answer is a resounding YES.

At Colonial Schools, we pride ourselves on providing individualized attention to all of our students. Our teachers promote learning through play. Colonial Schools students play with a purpose, and that purpose is to learn.

When children attend preschool, they experience the benefits of the school’s curriculum. Our teachers take pride in our comprehensive curriculum that aligns with state standards and prepares students for kindergarten. Preschool exposes children to the subjects they will continue to learn throughout their entire educational careers. Core subject areas (math, science, literacy, and social studies) are integrated into learning activities that children enjoy.  Early exposure promotes learning and understanding academic subjects in a supportive and fun learning environment.

Social and Academic Benefits of Preschool

The social and academic benefits of preschool are infinite and fundamental in preparing a child for kindergarten and beyond.

We teach our students the importance of taking turns, waiting in line, sharing, and gracefully winning and losing. Children also learn elementary skills such as using scissors and glue, writing letters and numbers, and following directions. On an emotional level, preschoolers learn how to be away from home and parents. Children learn to form trusting relationships with fellow students as well as with adults other than their parents.

Arguably the most important social benefit of preschool is that students are inspired and instilled with the desire to learn. Preschool presents abundant opportunities for children to explore new topics and activities. Students will seek out new knowledge and skills. They will be more inclined to participate in activities and learning opportunities. Preschool equips children with the lifelong skills and confidence they need to be successful.

The Colonial Schools Difference

Our classrooms are arranged with a variety of interest areas where children choose activities that appeal to them. Our experienced and highly qualified teachers observe, assess, and interact with students as they play to learn. Based on observations and assessments, teachers guide students into individualized learning opportunities. A distinctive feature of our school is that our interest areas are evolving and are integrated with the current lessons and topics being discussed in the classroom.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand that because all children are individuals, they learn in different ways.  That is why we offer many learning opportunities outside the classroom, with the goal being to allow children to discover learning through play.  Math is practiced during piano lessons when students count notes.  Science is learned during a session of Soccer Shots when students discover resistance, weight, and force. Taekwondo students practice social studies when learning about other cultures.

Our school is located on the grounds of Westover Retirement Community. We are proud of our Intergenerational Programming, which allows for increased interaction between children and adults. The cross-generational friendship between grand-friends and children is mutually beneficial: children develop respect and understanding toward older adults, and grand-friends experience the joy of a child’s company.

We understand that parents’ schedules are busy, so our school is open from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm. Our enrichment program, designed to be an extension of the classroom, provides before and after school care for children. Daily enrichment activities include outside play, free play, a rest period, art projects, and learning activities such as music appreciation or time in the computer lab. Children benefit from spending additional time with classmates beyond the classroom.

We understand that selecting a preschool is a major decision for parents, and sometimes timing of a child’s birthday or other events might affect that decision. That’s why we offer enrollment on a rolling basis – your child can start at Colonial Schools at any time during the year. Our child-teacher ratios are lower than the State requirements, so our teachers are able to ensure that your child receives the attention he or she needs to excel.


Our teachers offer individualized attention, take an interest in every student, and recognize the importance of family involvement in a child’s education.

• Open-door policy for parents to visit

• Parent-teacher daily communication folder

• Parent-teacher conferences

• Daily lesson plans available online

• Colonial Schools Facebook and Pinterest pages

• Teachers available via phone and email

• Monthly school calendar

• Classroom Times newsletter

I strongly believe that preschool is essential for children, and that Colonial Schools prepare children for the next steps in their lives. The academic and social benefits provide children with the tools and skills they need for a successful educational career. I invite you to set up a tour – we are proud of our school and happy to introduce you to our program and staff and answer any questions that you might have.


ENROLL YOUR CHILD TODAY!113aa44b-2f77-4df1-a546-fd5da3fe2ae4

Heather Reister, Colonial Schools Director

Phone: 513-867-4006

855 Stahlheber Road, Hamilton, OH 45013


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