• I’ve never seen a child that doesn’t light up when they walk into their classroom in the morning. There’s always a hug waiting for them”

      - Sarah Bosse, Colonial Schools parent

    • I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that I enjoy more reading to them more than they enjoy listening to me actually. I get such a terrific kick out of it.”

      - Berkeley Square resident

    • I love listening to the kids' conversations, seeing their ideas unfold, and watching them grow”

      - Marianne Honchell, Teacher


    Two or three day classes available for ages 3 and up.


    Five day Pre-Kindergarten for 4-5 year olds.


    With lots of activities for children who are in need of before or after school childcare.

    As the day unfolds at Colonial Schools, so does your child’s imagination – from making  an art masterpiece with friends, to discovering a new word. Here students try new things, discover new talents, meet new people and develop self-confidence – cultivating a love for learning that sets the foundation for their future.

    Core development

    Athletic classes

    Athletic classes combine fitness and fun for your child. Chose from a variety of classes.

    swim lessons

    Your child will be introduced to new swimming and water safety skills that are developmentally appropriate for young children.

    Tumbling Classes

    This class is specifically designed for a new tumbler who is just beginning their tumbling career.

    Music Classes

    Children participate in hands-on, intervallic piano lessons.

    Summer Camps

    Children participate in camps that include field trips, crafts, games, outdoor play and of course many wonderful stories to spark your child’s imagination.

    What’s Happening

    CORE Development Classes: Enhancing your child’s educational experience at Colonial Schools

    Here at Colonial Schools, we believe that children develop both inside and outside of the classroom. That’s why we offer a variety of after school programs to help your child develop in fun and exciting ways. Our CORE Development classes are designed to enhance each child’s individual educational experience. While your child will certainly have […]

    2016 First Day of School

    We are back in session at Colonial Schools! Our teachers were excited to welcome our 2016-2017 pre-school and pre-k classes. Check out some of our photos from the first day of school.  


    Ask Us: Should I send my child to preschool?

    One of the hot topics for parents is whether to send children to preschool. Heather Reister, Colonial Schools Director, shares her thoughts below. Parents often ask if their children really need to attend preschool. I hear concerns and questions of whether children actually benefit from preschool. My answer is a resounding YES. At Colonial Schools, […]